Today It Has

A subtle mist descends upon us,

            fogging up our memories,

                        weighing on our minds.

The heavy cloud hovers above,

             surrounding our escapes,

                        but blocking out our fears.

It suspends gently, yet ominously,

            causing trepidations in our bones,

                        but instilling comfort in our souls.

The grey sky is infused with white,

            a mystical blend of stormy skies,

                        a pensive reprieve from the blue.

An eerie silence resounds,

            empty and disconcerting,

                        yet peaceful and profound.

Time has been grasped at last,

            neither advancing nor receding,

                         but rather idling, as never before.

We can’t help but to awe,

            to marvel at the stillness,

                        to rejoice in the purity of the moment.

Never has such tranquility rained,

            never has such solace descended,

                        never has such peace presented itself.

But today,

            in the sound of silence,

                        in the shape of a misty cloud…

It has.

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