Old Favorites

Here are a few pieces written long before the birth of the blog. Hope you enjoy.

Farewell I Presume, or Hello I Believe?

            This is farewell, I presume,
            Farewell to those I never knew.
            Or perhaps this is hello,
            Hello to those I’ve yet to know.
            Could you tell me which it is?
            Time, to me, does not exist.
Yesterday leaves an echo on the tongue.
            Today still tastes the same.
                        Tomorrow will never truly come.
            Repeat the same old game.
            This is the spiral, in which I find,
            To believe there is no thing called time.
            What, to you, follows the circle,
            That changes from red to blue by purple?
            Round and round it ever goes,
            Never-ending loop of woes.
Looking back the pattern was flawless.
            But now I’m not so sure.
                        Monotony seems to frolic, lawless.
            Why do we endure?
            Pull the dagger from the sheath,
            Stab the perfect, wily wreath.
            Jump from the tracks that riddle you so,
            Live your life by letting go.
            Abandon this tedious, pointless game,
            Invest yourself in light’s new frame.
The past has nothing with which to hold on.
            The present is taking control.
                        The future will wake up with the dawn.
            Finally, awake is the soul.
            Before I asked hello or goodbye,
            But now I know what to expect in reply.
            Freedom has saved us from the sphere,
            The choice is ours, now and here.
            Yesterday would have been farewell,
            Today the same, but I rebel.
            This is hello, I believe.


black rain
running pounding throbbing
round and round and never stopping
left right left right
farther harder faster
right left right left
thunder was his master
circling the track the track
never looking back or back
pushing till his toes turn black
hearing echo smack on smack
a ritual of summoning
his mind is daftly humming
a desperation beckoning
in search for empty reckoning
calling out the abyss for rain
not prepared for drought again
doesnt care for heaven or hell
just wants the blue to hear his yell
anguished screams
hopeless dreams
darkness beams
anxiety teems
vacancy streams
fervency schemes
he stirs onward
legs dont stop
surging forward
till sky drops
he doesnt just run
but dances for rain
not for some
he discards pain
circling the track the track
never looking back or back
pushing till his toes turn black
hearing echo smack on smack
pushing emerging flying past
never another sprinting so fast
circle after circle loop after loop
bloodshot eyes that never droop
not your regular everyday man
this lad ran and ran and ran
never ending never ceasing
till one day his speed decreasing
drop one
nay count two
the rain had fallen
and he had too


My son, me too
I feel the chill as it dances my spine,
The pit of my soul as it flirts with the line
That bridges the gap of life and death,
Sanctified by holy breath.
Hearing the call across the water
That claims to be my heavenly Father;
He calls me by name that I do not know
But my heart commands, “Listen and go.”
I step from the ledge, descending peak,
Feeling my knees that tremble weak
As a nervous joy flutters inside
But human flesh is petrified.
Before the sea was calm and still
Though now the silence beckons will;
Ripples flood the water afar
Breaking the stillness like a scar.
A shadow figure approaches now
But not a stern and nor a prow,
It strides the surface with all grace,
Urgent now, yet without pace.
Taking form I see the feet
That call on me to come and meet
The face that hides behind the cloud
Whose voice has echoed pure and loud.
Somewhere within I start to weep
As I wade into the deep;
But there inside exists a hope
That allows me for now to cope.
Slowly from deep inside the mist
The veil, though thick, begins to lift;
The farther I walk, the more I see,
And all the more I yearn to be.
Now He stops and water again
Is still and quiet just like when
I sat atop that eerie cliff
And simply pondered, “God, what if?”
Then He stares with glorified eyes,
Teacher of all, for me He vies,
How or why, I do not know
But onward I desire to go.
He stretches out His crucified hands
And lets me see the holes still stand
Just as they suffered, beaten down,
Whipped, adorned with thorny crown.
I fix my eyes on holy King
But then look down and start to sink
Exactly as Peter that fateful night
Trying in vain with all my might.
Christ steps forward as I go down
Betraying hope I start to drown,
Yet He says with glowing face,
“I love you, child, of little faith.”
Then I feel my soul pull up,
A tug on heart that came abrupt
But whose effect will never cease
Because God loves me like the least.
Though alone my tries will fail,
With Holy Spirit I will prevail;
Now with Lord of heaven and earth
We celebrate my soul’s rebirth.
A birth into the realm of love
Penned in blood by God above
And given to us as our salvation,
Saving us from condemnation.
The God of the past is the God of tomorrow
So I live today without my sorrow;
The Father has washed away my sin,
Now my life may truly begin.
I face Him on the water and say,
“Father I cannot wait for the day
I spend eternity in heaven with you.”
He smiled and said, “My son, me too.”

2 thoughts on “Old Favorites

  1. You do have a way with words, a way that flows from the heart that is led by the Spirit. Please do not stop or walk away from such a gift.

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