Creation is utterly beautiful and entirely limitless. We are only hindered by the barriers we build for ourselves. If we let go of all preconceived notions, all perceptions of reality, and all principles of nature, we have infinite potential to create. Art is one of the many ways that we are able to express ourselves without creative opposition, and writing is just one form of this.

God has designed us with an innate ability and expansive capacity to create. We are bearers of His image, and His creation is breathtaking and unfathomable. He is the ultimate Creator but He has certainly impressed part of His creativity on us. I love expending time, thought, and effort into creating because it’s a reflection of who God is. It also brings glory to Him, which is what we’re all here for!

Please join me in creating! There are no limits, no boundaries, except those you make for yourself. Let me know if you want to work on creating anything together, or if you have any suggestions for writing that you would like me to take a shot at. I would love to hear from you, talk to you, and even work with you! Let’s create!

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