Dear Child of Mine

Dear child of mine,

Let me begin by saying that I love you. Before you were even born, my love for you was more profound than the seas. It shone brighter than the radiant sun. It was vaster than the widest desert and higher than the steepest mountain. There has never been, nor is there now, nor will there ever be anything that can lessen my love for you. It only grows greater every day. With each step you take, with each word you speak, I grow more fond of who you are. When you stray from the path, all I wish is to see you return. When you forget, all I wish is that you would remember. But, no matter the times that you fall away, I will always welcome you home. My deepest desire is to see you live, and to live well. I wish to see you love, and to love well. Know that I have done everything in my power to protect you, to guide you. There is nothing more that I can do. I can only watch, and hope, and trust. I lend you all belief and all faith. I give all that I have for you. I pray that you don’t take for granted the gift you’ve received. Grace is all I can offer you… grace and love. Until you make your choice, I earnestly call and strongly hope that you’ll return home.

With everlasting love,

Your Father

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