The Speaker of Stars and Seas

Agape at the edge of a cliff I stand,

Soul bared by the seas below;

The wind rushes by someone’s command

And I feel its chill as it blows.

Over the ledge I peer with wonder,

Stunned by the depths that dive;

I sense the shards of my soul asunder

But broken I know I’m alive.

The waves are tossed like laundered sheets

That flap in the breath of the breeze;

I envision my shards as a gallant fleet,

As ships with white sails on the sea.

Like clouds up above they drift on by,

Carried in haste by the wind;

And so I’m left with an empty sky

To fathom what remains within.

Across the horizon I set my gaze,

Feeling ever smaller by the glance;

I try to stare down the sun and its rays

But my knees just quiver and dance.

Dazed I fall to my knees on the hill

And I cast my eyes to the stars;

My spine is startled by a sudden chill

As I see how far away from me they are.

Without a doubt I see them blink back,

But it gives me no comfort or relief;

I’m left to look where before I lacked,

To hope, to faith, to belief.

My shoulders spread and my palms open wide,

My soul bears itself to the wind;

I toss all the doubts and demons aside

And let the miracle in.

The Carver of Cliffs, the Wrangler of Winds,

The Speaker of Stars and Seas,

The Captain of Clouds is coming in,

The Savior of Souls, to me.

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