Soul Stomp

There’s a pulse that pounds deep in my blood,
There’s a rhythm riding my veins,
The beat repeats like the whelming flood
In my soul as it stomps in the rain.

I hear the thump of my boots on the ground,
It echoes throughout my bones,
My spirit is shaken by the burgeoning sound
And stirred by the hopeful tones.

The chorus carries my heart through the dark,
The lyrics light the way,
My hands and my feet seem to know their part
As they clap and stomp away.

The strum of the song is strong and infectious,
My heartstrings join in strumming,
The bounce of the beat is bold and contagious,
And my soul stomps along with the drumming.

The Good Lord above knows my reason for singing,
He knows my reason to romp,
The Good Lord hears the praise that I’m bringing,
He hears my soul as it stomps.

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