I’ve led myself straight to the slaughter,
I’ve forgotten who I am,
I’ve abused your love, O Father,
I’ve added stripes to the lamb.
I’m sorry for breaking your heart,
I’m sorry I’ve done it again,
I wish I could pay for my part
But I cannot cover my sin.
It pains me to see you above,
Hanging upon the cross.
You’re suspended there in your love,
Without which I’d be lost.
I will never earn your grace,
Yet you pour it over my soul.
In the light I see your face,
In your presence I feel whole.
Help me to shine your light,
To reflect your glorious ways,
To follow your voice in the night,
To draw nearer every day.
Lord God, again I’m sorry,
But I know you’re writing my story.
My eyes, like the night, are starry
For I know of your marvelous glory.
I pray that you’d take my breath
And bring the trials, the strife.
I’ll suffer even to death
For you are eternal life.
Your word is my every measure,
In you I find shalom,
In heaven I store my treasure,
For there, with you, is my home.

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