Joyful Abandon

Dearest Love,

You are incredible.

You free me from all sorrow,

and you fill my heart with joy.

You dive into the depths of my soul,


and you dwell there with much pleasure.

Even though I’m broken,

even though I lash out,

and even though I don’t deserve you,

you stay.

You are not just a feeling.

You are not just a word.

You are motion.

You are not a flower,

for you are more beautiful.

You are not a song,

for you are more pleasant.

You are real,

and you are Love.

When I wander away from you,


you await me with open arms.

You embrace my folly with your grace.

You invigorate me.

You captivate me.

You awaken me.

Without you I would be afraid.

Without you I would be alone.

Without you I would be nothing.

You are the sunshine on my back,

the refreshing rain of spring,

the most blissful of all songs,

the sweet laughter of a child,

the first kiss of endearment,

the scent of a radiant rose,

the spirit of Christmas morning,

the tender caress of a mother,

the strong embrace of a father.

And still, you are so much more!

You are my joy and my hope,

my breath and my heart,

my light and my life.

But still, you are much, much more!

You are Love.

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