Always Christmas

There in the manger his body lay,

Wrapped in his mother’s arms;

For there was no other place to stay

To keep this child warm.

The night was quiet and filled with peace

As shepherds came to see,

Just as the wisemen from the east,

Down on bended knee.

They brought their gifts of good intent,

All they had to spare:

Myrrh, gold, and frankincense

They laid before him there.

But little did these gentlemen know

What this boy would do;

Not even his parents who watched him grow

Could have known what Jesus knew.

This baby boy all wrapped in cloth

Was God in flesh from above;

He had come to rescue the lost,

To let them feel his love.

This little babe so still and sweet

Is our redeeming King;

One day in heaven, Him we’ll meet

And praises we will sing.

Christmas is the time of year

We think of this young boy,

But always we should have this cheer

For Christ is our true joy.

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