Rap Reading of Overcome

We’re stuck in this miserable, broken place
that’s absent of love and absent of grace
because all of us people have turned our face
to a darker side that ignores light’s embrace
so now that goodness is all but erased
our hearts will thump to a faster pace
that fears what will be without the taste
of a love that has vanished, leaving no trace.

Inside we beckon and long for more
but already our minds have predicted the score
that leaves us battered, beaten, and sore
scattered in pieces across the floor
with nothing left but a hollow roar
to mourn the death of the peace we ignored
and hung out to dry on that golden shore
so now we wonder of all we deplored.

Our blood hasn’t settled, at least not yet
so now we’re left shaking in all this cold sweat
just dripping and shivering and all soaking wet
outside of our bones as life won’t let
us avoid all the noise of these vengeful threats
that we earned for ourselves by aid and abet
and murder and robbery and unpaid debt
and now the devil won’t let us forget.

Our hearts have been buried under all this sin
just squashed to oblivion and paper thin
to the sad, slow song of the violin
as we quietly slide to that place within
but somewhere inside this rebirth begins
and erases the fears that have always been
and so the vice is gone to the devil’s chagrin
because, my brothers, Jesus Christ wins.

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