My Ever Seeking Soul

The human heart contains a secret,

our souls exhibit this design;

while livestock graze their grassland

and falcons patrol their sky,

there is no peace in this heart of mine.

Alligators slink through their marshes,

elephants water at their holes;

oblivious they gather there

and exist in their ignorant bliss,

but I, yes I, seek something down in my soul.

Incessantly I seek revelation

though I know not what it is I look for;

while ducklings swim in their pond content

and lions roam their savanna,

I long, I yearn, for something more.

This desire within me is inherent,

it was chiseled in me like stone;

unlike beasts of the land

whose aim is simply to survive,

I endeavor to know, or perhaps, to be known.

I eat but still I hunger,

I drink and yet I thirst;

birds of the air are satisfied with flight

and fish of the sea with swimming,

but somewhere within my frailty, this Spirit bursts.

I will not be content with foolishness,

nor will I be satisfied in this place;

my body though made of this dust

holds a Spirit not of this world,

for one day, by heaven, I’ll be embraced.

My voice has left echoes where I’ve gone,

my feet have left prints where I’ve trod;

animals, like I, were created

and with purpose they were designed,

but my soul was built for communion with God.

This earth has been my journey,

but it is not my home, I tell;

my body will surely diminish

and soon turn back to ash,

my soul, however, will with God forever dwell.

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