Towards the Bright

Ocean left and mountain right,
Sun shines down the brightest light,
You don’t even have to imagine the sight,
For your Spirit knows this feeling of flight.

Rays beat down on your shirted back,
Worries once held let go their slack,
Smirks turn to smiles that widely crack,
Beats of that joy and freedom stack.

Inhibitions just melt away,
Birds soar above on this beautiful day,
Wheels blur as we roll on our way,
This giant feeling is here to stay.

Ocean reflects its boundless blue,
Breeze in the hair blows right through,
In my shades the reflection of you,
And through your gaze I smile too.

Wind will ruffle your flowing hair,
Sun will erase your heaviest care,
Sea will transport your radiant flare,
And I will follow you there.

Later on the moon will alight,
Darkness will fall with the coming of night,
But we will ride towards the bright,
Ever drive into this light.

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