Our Never-Ending Dawn

Three days of darkness overwhelmed the sky,

And fear invaded us all.

Three days of nighttime smothered this whole world;

Unleashed the wrath of the fall.

All that existed was the color black;

The only emotion was fright.

Every soul felt a strong pull downward

There, in the absence of light.

No comfort or joy expelled the horror

But vanished along with the sun.

There was no sign or human prediction

As to when relief would come.

Ears were as deaf as eyes were blind;

Snatched up words were gone.

None could find or imagine solace;

We did not expect the dawn.

Terror and dread were thoroughly flooding

Even the purest of hearts.

Hopeful dreams were quickly snuffed out;

Memories torn apart.

But three days later, the horizon gleamed

A glorious, unknown light.

The sight was unforgettable:

The resurrected Christ.

Vacant darkness of the previous days

Was vanquished forever, gone.

Unfathomable, arose the Son,

Our never-ending dawn.

The heavenly light of Christ: bursting forth, glorious, overcoming darkness, eternal.

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