Bountiful Song

Once upon a time there thrived an ardor in our breast,

That ever thumped its vibrant drum sounder than the rest.

Our calloused mind had yearned to bind the polyphonic toll,

But no dissent could circumvent the mandate of our soul.


There was no vigor ere the trigger aroused our sleeping heart,

There only was that muted buzz to masquerade its part.

But then did change our sickly vein into a thunderous roar,

That now will flow in sacred glow and beat forevermore.


Our hearty voice relays the noise that echoes through our bones,

An emphatic chorus ever before us in effervescent tones.

There hides no menace within the premise of our bountiful song,

Only our spirit and bounding near it this melody so strong.


Now we sing on mounted wings the glories of our Lord,

Who once bowed down below this ground but now has been restored.

We see his face and know his grace though not of our accord,

We kneel to God where saints have trod and he is our reward.

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