If Not Yours

This psalm is dedicated to my Grandma. Praying for you and love you. Get better soon!
I quiet myself before you, O Lord;
            in the midst of this life, I pause.
The chaos no longer consumes me,
            for, in you, I find solace.
No fear holds me in its grasp;
            no evil holds me in its clutches.
It is by your hand that I am set free,
            set free from this ravenous world.
My soul lies firmly with you, O God,
            and nowhere else may it be found.
My heart may brake within your will
            but my Spirit, by grace, is unbreakable.
Eternity is my home; not this world,
            eternity is my home, with you.
I am weak, yet you make me strong;
            stronger than ever before.
You are my fortress, my protection, my shield,
            and also my net of grace.
For if I stumble, you recover me;
            if I fall, you are there.
Never will I find myself alone, O Lord,
            because your Spirit dwells in my soul.
I sometimes falter in unreasonable doubt,
            but you, O God, are gracious beyond precedent.
You forgive me before I ask of it;
            not one is gracious like you.
This world is devoured by mayhem,
            but I am ravished by you.
This world is obsessed with shackles,
            but in you, O Lord, I am free.
In this glimmer of understanding I see;
            in this moment, O God, I see you.
This world is all around me,
            but I am not of it.
For now I am immersed in this chaos,
            but I am also immersed in your love.
And your love is not befuddled by chaos;
            rather chaos is overwhelmed by your love.
Your love overwhelms this world,
            and your love overwhelms me, O God.
You have placed me in this moment on purpose;
            you have placed me in this moment with purpose.
For your glory, O Lord, I will endure,
            and nothing will thwart your plans.
No evil, no fear, no chaos, no upheaval, no scheme,
            could ever overpower your will,
For you, my Lord, are omnipotent,
            and you, my God, are sovereign.
You reign over all the universe,
            beyond the farthest galaxy.
The stars are mounted on your fingertips;
            the mountains are grains on your palm.
No one can imagine your grandeur;
            not one can fathom your might.
You have, in your hand, creation;
            you have, in your hand, me.
My life and my soul are yours, O Lord;
            for I am nothing, if not yours.
All of my days I will seek you, O Lord;
            for I am nothing, if not yours.

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