A Lifelong Journey

Of my many faults, one I must confess:
To have wasted a rather great number of breaths
Of the many I’ve been granted from birth ‘til my death,
But I pray not to squander the rest.

It occurred to my heart on one glorious eve
That I was made to give, and not to receive,
That life was never about whom I’d deceived,
But in whom I trust, in whom I believe.

So I was sent on a quest of magnitude great,
To walk the road not by sight but by faith;
Equipped by the Lord to handle what waits,
To conquer the demons and even the wraiths.

Thus I shall not tremble when dragons draw near,
Nor in the darkness do I dare to fear,
Nor will I cower when my adversaries jeer
For the Lord is with me here.

Hardship and adversity lie in my way
As plain as the sun that tops off the day,
But my soul will show no sign of dismay
As I fall to my knees and pray:

“Hear my words, O Sovereign Lord,
And have my heart for evermore;
You are all I’m living for,
Take my life, for I am yours.”

For even when the skies grow dark,
I know the Lord secures my heart;
So no matter the place, no matter my part,
My eyes will bear His spark.

For within my jar of earthen clay
There’s a glory that’s bursting brighter than day,
A light that flows forth from every which way,
And that is I why I say:

“I once was blind, but now I see,
I once was hopeless, but Christ saved me,
I was shackled in sin, but by grace set free,
So heaven is where I’ll spend eternity.”

And thus I press onward by Great Commission,
To inform the lost of their vital volition:
That in a humble state of grateful contrition
The Merciful Lord will deem us forgiven.

Nothing we do could ever suffice,
For sin had been our damning vice;
But all by the power of the blood of Christ
We have new hope, we have new life.

And I’ve found that my life is not for me,
But to share with the world and to help them see
That the Loving Creator into us breathed
So forever with Him we could be.

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