Wonder, Ask, Seek.

Life is full of uncertainties. It’s full of unanswered questions and wondering. It’s also full of opportunities. We’re left with a choice, then. To wonder, or to stop wondering. To ask, or to stop asking. To seek, or to stop seeking. Each one of us has been blessed with a chance to make that choice. What will be yours?


The seams of the world were somehow spun;

Somehow in the sky sits suspended the sun.

In a miraculous way my life was begun;

I was born with feet to stand and to run.

Each day I awake as sure as summer comes,

There are monsters in life that I’ll want to flee from;

I’ll escape many but be captured by some.

While certain battles rage, still others are done,

And despite the fact that I’m a wandering son,

I’ve yet to stop wondering, so I’ve won.


Sometimes doors are slammed in my face,

I sometimes stumble at the gun of the race,

The world is the hare and I the snail’s pace,

I’m left all alone without even a trace.

There are times when I’m left with a bitter taste,

And places I’m surrounded by rubble and waste,

But there are also times when that’s not the case,

For often I find joy in the quiet place.

And many times I see my fears erased

Because I still ask, and because there’s still grace.


My questions are answered in countless ways,

Even when overwhelmed by pressing haze;

I march on with confidence, assured and unfazed,

Preparing not to be shut down, but amazed.

I still endure when the skies are grey,

And even when my path for life seems to stray;

I know that the Lord will not delay,

He’ll whisk me away to heaven one day,

For I know He answers those that pray,

And those that seek Him, always.

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