Let the Colors Come

Life is a ceaseless swirl of color. There are brilliant tapestries; there are ebony evenings; and everything imaginable, and unimaginable, blurs in between.

We begin in the black, enclosed by the womb, unaware of what awaits outside. And then, in an instant, we’re born into a world of color. Light permeates our eyes for the first time, but certainly not for the last. As a bright red balloon we’re taken by invisible winds up to the heights of cyan skies and we look out on the world below.

Colors gain new meaning as we grow into the shades and hues that twist and splatter this world. In awe we discover striking bursts of new color. We’re taken aback by both the serenity of some and the harshness of others. We marvel at navy nights and gape at orange ocean sunsets. Yet we’re appalled by smoky skies and shocked by brick-red blood.

Sometimes we struggle to take in all the rainbows the world throws at us. For a while we’re consumed by it; we can’t get enough of it. But just as youth fades, so does our fascination with the colors around us. Emeralds and ivies reduce to green. Lavender and lilac become simply purple. We grow bored with the world of color.

We construct these cathedrals of stained-glass windows in which we attempt to capture all luminosity. Then we snap photographs of the pigments and colorants that we’ve come to feel some mastery over. Nature is no longer good enough. Everything is hazy and bleak. Life becomes monotonous, and grey is the prominent overtone.

But then, we’re struck. Struck by that unsuspecting flash of immaculate light. And in that moment, our sight is revived of its cynicism. Our eyes are again opened to the beauty that surrounds us. Our lens on life shifts significantly and so does our vision of the world. It doesn’t matter what hits us; when we’re hit, we’re hit. And we only realize it when we open our eyes and again see the radiance that we once used to see. Blues return to azures and ceruleans. Reds return to crimsons and rubies. They’re even more breath taking than before.

Colors shine like we’ve never seen. They burst from unexpected places and they glow from previously dim sources. Because now, our eyes are open. We perceive the world, those around us, and ourselves differently… with more brilliance.

Vision again gains that zealous significance and we can’t absorb enough of the color. Our eyes light our hearts with the glorious hues that we ingest so eagerly. Even our darkest places are lit by those pressing lights that yearn to inhabit every remaining corner of isolation and colorless despair. Let the colors come.

Regardless of where you are in life; whether you’re blown away by all the hues; whether you’re overwhelmed by the lack thereof; or whether you’re rediscovering the whimsical beauty of each uniquely concocted color: let the colors come.

Let the colors come.

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