Set Apart, As One

I knew from the very beginning, by the beat in my blood,

that I was born to live and born to shine and born to be


Although the storm raged, I always felt peace in the flood,

even when darkness was all around, I could always see


I knew in my heart I was different, somewhere deep down

the beckoning thrived and it spoke to me with clarity:


It was as if the High King of all the universe, crowned,

stooped to revive my soul, saying with utmost sincerity:


All doubt has gone from my lungs, for ardently and inward I yearn

to impact this enormous world with one selfless


In humility and grace to serve and to love I burn;

To breathe bright and believe in the light, as all else


The dream remains to someday dwell as one heart

with all creation, just as the Lord intended from day one,


For I, like every other, by Christ have been set apart

To take part in this glorious work, which has only just begun:


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