Memories and Dreams

Memories and dreams swirl together

Creating this awful, inclement weather.

Deeply you delve in your muddy mind

In search of division, hoping to find

An obvious chasm or sizable space

Like that between the eyes on your face,

But no such distinction is there to be had;

The two intertwine, ironclad.

Memories of yesterday and those from youth

Seem to be fading and yielding their truth,

But you have no power to tell them, “No,”

And so they muddle, so they go.

Dreams hover like breath in the cold

For they seem so vibrant, and eerily bold,

As if you lived them once before

Or are these moments still in store?

Your lungs thump while your heart breathes

As you wish these backward days would leave,

Though you see no sign of soon relief

So again you strain to find belief.

But then you realize the truth they share

That latches the two and holds them there;

You come to peace, with the grey in between,

To dream of memories and remember the dreams.

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