My Dearest Children

My dearest children; my sons and my daughters,

Where have you set your hearts, to where have you turned your eyes? Your gaze is fixed elsewhere and your souls have settled in stone. How my heart breaks for you, my precious beloved. You writhe in pain and you suffer agony, yet you seek your refuge away, you place your hope in falsehoods. I have not forsaken you! If only you would turn to face me, if only you would hear my Spirit, you would see I’ve been here all along.

My soul mourns your loneliness; I cry out for you, the lost. Please, my children, listen. My voice is calm and steady. My words are strong and true. I yearn to cure your wounds; I would pleasure to rid you of despair. Please, my dearest, hear me; answer when I call. Do not forget your Father; do not ignore my love, for I give openly and freely, and my love is never-ending. I know peace, and rest, and wisdom. I am peace, and rest, and wisdom. I am love.

Please, child, open your ears to hear, fix your eyes to see, for here I am calling, here I am waiting. My blessings are yours, and so is my love. How it pains me to see you astray, how it hurts to see you broken! Do not ignore my gifts; do not prevent my mercy. I am all-powerful, but the power to believe rests with you.

Wandering souls I call you; absent hearts I plead! Humbly I fall to my knees; earnestly I seek you out. My faithfulness is promised and my hope is secure. Let me be your refuge; let me grant you strength. Find your peace in my arms; rest in the shadow of my wings. Be quenched by my Spirit; be satisfied in my love. Come to me, my children, for I will not let you down. If you have fears, let me discount them; if you have burdens, let me carry them; if you have wounds, let me heal them; if you have doubts, let me erase them; and whatever your sins, I forgive them.

My children, you are precious; my children, you are loved. I beg you, hear my voice! Flee the devil and his wicked lies. I am the way, and I am the truth. I will shower you in love and you will wear my glory. I beckon you, my son, my daughter! Hear me, for I am with you.

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