Love, Boundless

Father, you love in such a way that we cannot fathom. Your love is indescribable; it is beyond our comprehension. Your love is perfectly patient: You never rush us; You are always there waiting. Your love is entirely kind: You extend Your hand, full of mercy. You do not taunt the forgotten with Your love, for You have forgotten no one. Your love extends to all. Your love is not rude, selfish, or angry, and You keep no record of wrongs. We are not capable of fathoming this! Your love is overflowing with grace. Your love does not succumb to evil but always seeks righteousness. Your love ever rejoices in the glorious light of Your truth. Your love always protects us: You are our fortress, our stronghold. Your love always trusts, and You are worthy of all trust. Your love is always true: it never forsakes or deceives us. Your love always hopes, yearning and praying for reconciliation, salvation, and redemption, all of which you have freely given to us. Your love always perseveres, for You never give up on us, Lord. You love without bounds; You love without limitations. We cannot imagine this love, but we strive faithfully for it, always pressing into You. Your love never fails, and it will never, ever end. Thank You, Father, for Your love!

1 thought on “Love, Boundless

  1. Dear fellow blogger,
    10 years ago this week many people watched as airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center in downtown New York, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of innocents perished because of the hatred of a handful of people whom they had never met before.
    Perhaps you know what it is like to suffer tragedy in your life even if you were not one of the many who lost family that day. Perhaps you feel like an airplane has crashed into your heart, and that your dreams and hopes have come crashing down. If that’s the case I do not claim to have answers for all the questions you may have. But I do know where you can find the hope you need. God can save you not only from being a victim of someone else’ hatred, but also from being a perpetrator. All people have been terrorized to some extent by those around them, and all people are guilty of terrorizing others. But God wants to both forgive you for your sins (2 Peter 3:9) and to give you a home in heaven where there will be no more pain (Revelation 21:4).
    There is much in this world that is out of our control. We can never know ahead of time if someone may try to kill us, or if we will die by some natural means. But if we trust in Jesus for salvation we can be sure that we will spend eternity with God after we die (I John 5:13). That is because Jesus has already died for our sins (Romans 5:8-9). If you accept this free gift by believing and repenting you will be saved (Acts 17:30-31). But if you reject this gift you reject the only way to escape God’s wrath (II Thessalonians 1:7). God loves you, but He also loves the people you hurt, and He will avenge them by punishing you if you are too unfeeling too admit how much you have sinned against them.
    Thanks for listening to my message. I hope that you have a peaceful week and that God will lead you to eternal peace of the soul.

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