Prayer of Exaltation

Eternal, merciful, just, and marvelous Lord,

            who reigns on high from above,

            who washes the bloodiest of sins,

            who dwells in our innermost soul,

All praise and honor,

            glory and worship,

            life and breath

Be for Your Kingdom,

            in Your Will,

            through Your Son,

            from Your Spirit,

            by Your Grace,

            to Your Great Name,

For You alone are worthy,

            deserving, holy, and righteous,

            eternal, omnipotent,

            faithful, pure, and true,

            glorious, exalted,

            high and mighty,

            wondrous and marvelous,

            merciful, gracious, and forgiving,


            You alone are good.

May all things,

            every birth and death,

            all life and breath,

            every smile and tear,

            all hope and fear,

            every night and morning,

            all joy and mourning,

            every land and place,

            all mercy and grace,

Belong to You,

            and You alone,

Our Creator, Author, Savior, Redeemer, Groom, and Father,

            forever and ever,


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