O the Glory!

The Lord dwells in unapproachable light,

And still He beckons us to join Him.

No one is capable of laying eyes on Him,

But He longs for our undying gaze.

O the Glory!

He is deserving of the highest praise,

Though He graced this earth in all humility.

He is omnipotent and untouchable,

Yet He allowed us to nail Him down.

O the Glory!

He is the Lord on High, worthy of nothing but honor,

But He bestows His honor on us, the unworthy.

His ways are concealed for He is a mystery,

Though He reveals Himself in marvelous ways.

O the Glory!

The Lord our God is entirely unfathomable,

Yet He blesses us with discerning Spirit.

He alone is King and only He is immortal,

Yet He grants us His eternity.

O the Glory!

The Lord Almighty is beyond all boundaries,

And though limitless, He chooses us.

He is breath and hope and light and life,

And He wants simply to give Himself to us.

O the Glory!

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