Stony Souls

Our hearts were once smothered in honey,

Our souls overflowing with glee,

Our lives held harmony in the garden,

For that’s where we’re meant to be.

But we’ve turned from our gracious Creator,

We’ve forgotten what once we knew;

Instead we revel in our sinful ways,

And light no longer bores through.

Our hearts have been hardened with stone,

Our souls covered over by cement,

Our lives have been dipped in the mire,

Much to our Maker’s lament.

For He crafted our hearts in the fire,

Our souls he knit in the womb,

But we’ve kicked Him off of His throne,

We’ve left in our souls no room.

Somewhere deep in the center of our being

There’s a place meant solely for Him,

But we’ve preferred the gifts to the Giver,

We’ve leapt over love for sin.

Oh, how tragic the heartbreak!

Oh, how painful the loss!

So great is the agony in heaven

That Christ came to die on the cross!

He lowered himself to our planet,

Confined himself to our bones,

And He came to rescue the lost,

That once again He’d be home.

For He’s not just a dweller of the skies

But He yearns to indwell us all,

So stir your hearts from their slumber,

Open your souls to His call.

Find in your center that yearning,

For love, for joy, and for peace,

And shake from your souls the stone,

That God would come dwell in His place.

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