I sometimes feel like a tiny ship on a great sea,

And it seems as if God has forsaken me.

My hull is breached as I lurch in the waves,

Battered by storms that linger for days.

They even prolong for weeks or for years,

And alone I fear I may drown out here.

There are no stars up above in the sky,

Thus I have no compass, no voice to guide.

I stagger to the bow and fall to my knees,

Convinced that God has forsaken me.

As I cover my face in soaking wet hands,

A power within me compels me to stand.

I sense a light that’s begun to break through,

So I look to the heavens and God says, “For you.”

The sea is steadied, the clouds are dispersed,

As peace both blankets my soul and the earth.

I have no words to express what I feel,

Secure from the nest below to the keel.

And I shift my gaze from soul out to sea,

Knowing that God will never forsake me.

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