Stormy Soul

Outside there’s a storm,

A rain so strong that it soaks everything..

Rooftops, clothes, skin, and even bones.

Not even our dreams escape the fury that falls from the sky.

That sky went dark, some time ago.

There remains no shining sun, no light, and no hope.

The darkness covers the earth like a heavy blanket

And it’s oppressive with its deep, dark obscurity.

Even in the depth of our souls we feel the weight of the night,

Dark and black.

The light of the day has fled,

And along with her the light we call hope.

The one who sent the storm wanted it this way,



But beneath this rooftop there’s a living being.

And though the clothes are soaking wet

There’s a warmth that exists inside and it emanates outward.

The skin, also wet, holds inside its bones,

Likewise drenched by the heaviness of night.

But between these bones there’s a soul,

And this soul possesses all that’s required,

Not just to survive but to overcome,

To shine.

The storm, the obscurity, the rain, the night, the darkness;

They’re all overcome by the strength of our souls,

By the brilliant light that radiates in every direction,

By the faith that’s found within.

This faith, this light, and this strength are more than enough.

They pursue the night and they erase it,

Shadow by shadow each corner is rid of the darkness

And the pure light of truth is left in its place.

Not one drop of night remains where the light of day shines,

And not one drop of doubt remains in the soul that knows this light.

Though storms will come and darkness will press,

The strength, purity, hope, and truth that reside with the light will always triumph.

And this radiant, perfect light will evermore endure.

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