Dear World,

Dear World,
Thank you.
Thank you for always being there.

Thank you for all the good:
For the wonders of your belly,
For the hidden gems of your crust,
For the dense beauty of your sphere.

Thank you for teaching me:
To overcome obstacles,
To never give up,
To always look for the good in people.

And thank you for the difficult:
For all the life lessons,
For the ugly things that I needed to know,
For the storms that I have weathered.

Dear World,
I’m worried about you.
Truly worried.

I’m concerned about the track you’re on,
About the direction you’re headed in,
About the darkness that’s taking over,
And the light that you seem to have forgotten.

I see the changes in your life,
The shadows that are darkening your heart,
The chasm between then and now,
The innocence has completely gone.

And I’m worried, World.
I’m worried that it’s going to be too late,
That the end will come before you expect it,
And that you won’t have time to repent.

Dear World,
I love you.
Not as a lover, nor even as a brother,
But as a friend.

And as a friend, I’m asking you:
Take a step back from the chaos,
Realize the distance you have fallen,
Make amends with those you have wronged.

Look at the wake you have left:
The lives you’ve led astray,
The snares and pits you’ve set up,
The brokenness you’ve built.

Dear friend, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for not having told you sooner.
I don’t know if you’ll hear me now,
But here I am.

I’d yell it from the rooftops,
Write it on the streets of your globe,
Paint it on the skies above.

Dear World,

All I ask is that you pause,
For just one moment.
All I ask is that you consider,
Your track and the other side’s.
All I ask is that you know,
What it is that you’re choosing.
And all I ask is that you be sure,
Sure of where you want to end up.

I’ll be right here if you need me.
Your friend,

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