Joy Bones

Silence your shrieking and still your skin

            to taste of the sweetness there within.

Hush your harking and hold your heart

            close to the source of singing’s start.

Rid your day of the rolling waves

            that heave their sickness upon your tray.

Nix the noise of the barking cold

            that wrestles rejoicing from your soul.

Breathe for a moment. Pause and rest,

            and count the blessings of your breast.

Rest for a moment. Pause and breathe,

            inhale the newness of the passing breeze.

Close your eyes and imagine the night

            where the moon is hidden like its light.

Imagine that night is the last of its kind

            for the dawn that breaks will break for all time.

The explosion of light awakens your bones,

            releasing the burden of cumbersome stones.

The unbearable load of the weight you bore

            has been set free to return no more.

A beating drum rumbles deep inside

            an infectious beat that blows your mind.

It breaks the rhythm of the doldrums rut

            and tickles your bones with anything but.

Riddles roll from the depths of your soul

            like the innocent hours of eras old.

They jump and bounce and rattle you so

            and return to your motionless life its flow.

So light and life are bursting from your seams

            in melodies and songs and joyful screams.

There’s a flight in your step, a tone in your voice,

            a liberation in your soul, a direction in your choice.

That silent soul, that hapless heart,

            those burdened bones will all depart.

Here is a harmony, and all can hear it,

            it echoes in your bones, resounds in your Spirit.

There’s a joy eternal, a joy beyond words,

            a joy indescribable, whose echo is heard.

It’s a joy unbridled, a joy so divine,

            a joy that rumbles in your bones, and mine.

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