Revolution Souls

Here we are, above the globe,

See our smallness down below?

Close your eyes, we’re letting go,

Revolution of the soul.

See that planet that we roam?

Prison of the things we know,

There is more than green and gold,

Revolution of the soul.

Look beyond into the fold,

See the vastness, there behold,

Breathe it in and swallow whole,

Revolution of the soul.

Gaze around about the bowl,

Feel the colors that enfold,

Would you like to take this stroll?

Revolution of the soul.

Where were we before this show?

When did we forget to glow?

What did we consider home?

Who are we but drifting souls?

Before we tethered to our woes,

The ones we tailored long ago,

Between those things we call the poles,

But now we’ve revolution souls.

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