To Be Free

Of all the places that I have ever breathed

Not one of them is left with the slightest piece of me

And though I carry with me every sight I’ve ever seen

I am free…

Stunning the volcano all covered up with snow

Off away in Neverland like dreams born of the soul

But there is no obstacle for which I’ll ever slow

Now watch me go…

In the past I don’t think I even gave a try

Discouraged by the doubts that clouded up my mind

All the fears I had, they ate me up inside

But I’ve arrived…

All the broken hopes that dwindled down to none

Have been relit by everything that I have overcome

Darkness, and loneliness, and the Devil I have stunned

Here I come…

The rivers and the valleys that I have had to bear

Were the only company along the road I’d share

But not for a moment did I leave myself out there

I’m not theirs…

Of all the places that I have yet to breathe

Not one of them a single shard of my soul will receive

For only to freedom will I finally concede

All of me…

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