O, To Be!

Everything natural occurs at God’s word;
            what He wills transpires:
every leaf falls on His cue,
            every wave peaks at His delight,
mountains sprout where He wants them,
            snow falls as He sees fit,
the earth shakes when He signals her to,
            storms brew as He desires,
souls form by His touch,
            and lives exhale when He gives word.

All that is natural He controls;
            all of nature is at His command,
but we are not so natural;
            we are not confined to His will.
We’re far better off when we seek it,
            but we’re not like the leaves that fall.
God has given us free will;
            He’s gifted us each with choice,
but often we choose against His liking;
            too often we go against His will.

How tranquil is the snow that falls;
            how majestic are the waves that crest,
but how tragic is the fall of man;
            how tragic is his straying from God.
If only we’d hear His voice;
            if only we’d respond to His call,
for then we’d be one with His beauty;
            then we’d be one with His peace.

O to be led in His light!
            O to be guided by His grace!
O to be a leaf on His vine!
            O to be a wave in His sea!
O to be stood as His mountain!
            O to fall softly as His snow!
O to tremble as His earth!
            O to brew as His storm!

Lord, I was formed at Your word,
            and surely I’ll be taken just the same,
but let me, O Lord, hear Your voice
            that I might be one with Your will!

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