And Yet Significant

I saw myself as a mammoth,

            I viewed the globe as small;

I considered myself significant

            and stood one hundred feet tall.

I puffed out my chest like a dragon

            and carried myself with pride;

I looked down on everyone else;

            I swelled and swelled inside.

But then I came upon an obstacle,

            thinking it nothing too tough;

I figured I’d leap right over it,

            certain I’d done enough.

Instead I came up quite short,

            falling flat on my face;

Dazed, I rolled myself over

            and lost myself in space.

The world seemed to keep expanding,

            but all I did was shrink;

The universe made itself known to me,

            causing my heart to sink.

I counted the hail as it pelted my back,

            the waves as they breached my hull;

I numbered the flames as they melted my dreams,

            the demons that flanked my soul.

I looked up at the heavens,

            then gazed around at my wreck;

I inwardly looked at my smallness

            and saw that I’m just a speck.

All along I’d been wrong,

            seeing myself as a beast;

But now I see that I’m nothing

            but a grain of sand on the beach.

I’m nothing but a wisp in the field,

            a withering flower, a breath;

I’ve not got a chance in hell

            of ever bettering death.

But in looking around at the universe,

            in pondering up at the skies;

I noticed there in the heavens

            a pair of yearning eyes.

In fear I locked mine with His,

            wondering what He would do;

Humbly I bowed even lower,

            giving to Him glory due.

What happened next was a whirlwind,

            an unexpected lift;

He stamped on my soul a seal and said,

            “My child, take this gift.”

What He gave to me was a marker,

            a seal that said I was His;

He restored unto me belief;

            that’s what a miracle is.

No longer do I fear the galaxies,

            no more do I count the rain;

I know that I’m not a behemoth,

            but God’s chosen me all the same.

Despite the fact that I’m tiny,

            no more than a speck of dust,

He’s called me by name in love,

            just as He does each of us.

So don’t err on the side of giants,

            nor on the side of the small,

But know there’s a gracious Father

            who loves you with His all.

2 thoughts on “And Yet Significant

  1. Great reminder. What a special place to be…at the feet of the God of the universe!!! I’m right there with you. And by the way, I/we really miss you around here!!!!!! Love, hugs, prayers, : ), Leslie

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