The Dawning Soul

Born from the ashes,

formed from the dust,

breathed into being

by light.

Sealed into soul,

stepped into skin,

surrounded by day,

by night.

Strapped into sinew,

buckled into bone,

imagined first,

then made.

Led among trees,

filled by the waters,

restored by both sun

and shade.

Broken in the valley,

lost in the dark,

stumbling on doubt,

on fear.

Afraid of the shadows,

scared by the shrieks,

cowering over there,

and here.

Called by a voice,

led by a hope,

lifted in spirit,

in heart.

Saved from the cavern,

rescued from plight,

delivered in full,

not part.

Taken in hands

weathered and pure,

my malleable clay

you hold.

Secure in your hands

loving and strong,

my delicate clay,

my soul.

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