“There, in the Soul”

When I turn my gaze from the smudge of this world,

When I close my eyes to its glare,

I see in my soul the most peaceful of sights,

And I stay and rest there.


When I shut my ears to the shrill of this place,

When I block the sounds of its blare,

I hear in my soul the most soothing silence,

And I sit and listen there.


When I stay my tread from the path of this life,

When I keep my feet from its snare,

I find in my soul the most promising course,

And I joyfully follow there.


When I open my heart to the King of all days,

When I make His words my prayer,

I know in my soul the most blessed peace,

And I rejoice with Him there.

3 thoughts on ““There, in the Soul”

    • Your words are truly kind and I value them greatly, though I must give credit for any good writing to God, as well as any peace or calm that results of it. I write on inspirations that I find in daily life, or pondering the words that others speak to me, or in moments of stillness as I block the chaos out.

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