No Matter the Plight

When skies rumble and amass their clouds,

You are my safeguard, my refuge;

When heavy rain comes rumbling down,

You are my rest from the deluge.

When storms rage and the seas moan,

You are the shield for my hull;

When my sails are battered and overthrown,

You are the peace in my soul.

When the breezes have ceased their blowing,

You are the wind at my back;

When my sails have failed at their flowing,

You are the movement I lack.

When shadows overwhelm the stars,

You roll them away as the scroll;

When I flounder to know where you are,

You are the peace in my soul.

When the land is barren from the baking sun,

You are my wellspring of life;

When by the darkness my fruit is undone,

You are my source and my light.

When my ground cracks and spreads apart,

You make my pieces yet whole;

When the dry wasteland threatens my heart,

You are the peace in my soul.

When night blankets the luminous skies,

You are my light up above;

When evil whispers its dangerous lies,

You are my truth, my love.

When valleys cover me with shadows of death,

You are my grace in full,

And no matter the plight that seeks my breath,

You are the peace in my soul.

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