The Epitome of Love

We sometimes wonder why our lives are so rough.

We work and play hard, but it’s never enough.

We struggle with anger, greed, and remorse.

We ponder our purpose, we question our source.

But while we may have been born into flaws,

We were created in perfection by a perfect God.

While we may have stumbled and gotten ourselves lost,

Christ has made us a way by the cross.

And though he’s our King, he gave up his life

That we sinners might be saved by his sacrifice.

Humble and perfect as our High Priest,

The stranglehold of death has been released.

The weight of our chains burdens us no more

And we, like majestic eagles, soar.

The devil believed he’d hatched the perfect plan,

Holding in his clutches Jesus, the man.

But what he didn’t realize about his scheme

Is that Jesus Christ is the King who redeems.

He overcame evil, he conquered death,

And he offers to us his life-giving breath.

All he asks is that we walk by faith,

And for that he pardons our sin by his grace.

We need not grovel, we need not beg,

For he freely gave his life in our stead,

That we, in heaven, could commune together,

Bathed in his mercy and love forever.

So even though doubt and fear may invade,

There’s a God who loves, a God who saves.

He counts our sins and he finds not one,

For he looks at us as he does his Son:

Righteous and pure, we’re no longer stained,

But washed by the blood of the lamb who was slain.

So with sin, chaos, and darkness aside,

The glorious Groom takes us as his bride.

He cares not of things that we call the past

But he offers a hope that eternally lasts.

He soaks us in glory that we are not due,

But in the eyes of the Lord, we’re perfect, too.

There are no words to describe how he loves,

But because of the cross, we know that he does.

And so I’ll urge you, again and again:

When he knocks on the door of your heart, let him in.

1 thought on “The Epitome of Love

  1. Love nailed Him to the cross. Those nails did not hold Him there, but temporarily unto death so that we could then live in freedom. Now His love comes to us without nails.

    Yet rarely do we love without nails, most often holding others til their death so that we have the illusion of control.

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