My Guiding Light, My Beacon

Lord, you are my guiding light, my beacon
Up above amongst the brilliant stars
Lord, you are my shining hope, my vision
Lead me by your light to where you are

Over all the thieves that lie in waiting
Past the craggy pits and hidden snares
Keep my weary feet from ever fading
Until my time to be with you there

Take me by the hand when I am aimless
Point me to the path that leads me home
It’s only by your voice that I’m not hopeless
I know with you I’ll never walk alone

I will never cease to seek your presence
For life would not be lived without your grace
So be my strength until I come to heaven
Falling at your feet in that great place

Finally on that day my soul will be filled
Filled with all the fullness of your love
And I will sing forever with your angels
As we celebrate what you have done

You’re the source of life, you’re our Creator
You are the Sustainer of all things
You are also Judge and our Redeemer
That is why forever we will sing

Lord, you are the glory of the heavens
Majesty above the mountain’s peak
Your love is more profound that even oceans
You’re the one true light we ever seek

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