Redemption Story

Out of the dust I was formed,

breathed by the bearer of light,

but into the darkness I bored,

preferring the shadows of night.

I brought on myself the abyss,

subjected myself to the pit,

plunged to the depth of darkness

without a way out of it.

There I found sights and sounds

of madness and terrible screams,

and by such horror was bound

to unceasing nightmare dreams.

I could not escape the chains

of chaos that shackled my soul;

it was only fear that came

and took on me its toll.

I was helpless to find the way

back to the source of glory,

for I needed the Maker of day

to step in and redeem my story.

So into the darkness He burst,

glowing a marvelous hue,

ridding of me the worst

and bringing hope into view.

He reined the rampant disorder

with His resonant voice of peace,

He brought the chaos to order

and saw all anarchy cease.

Wickedness and evil fled,

shadows cowered in their fear;

now daylight shines instead

for the Saving Son is here.

A glorious dawn is breaking

and taking over my heart;

it’s left the demons shaking

and scattered completely the dark.

What a marvelous King of Grace

who rescued me from the hole,

with the truth of His radiant face

He shone on and saved my soul.

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