This I Know

There are things in this world I don’t understand,

There are things that I’ll never know,

Like the number of grains on all beaches of sand

Or the names of the stars that glow.

I’ll never be able to fathom creation,

To comprehend the virgin birth,

I can’t imagine the painful separation

When Christ left heaven for earth.

I will never endure the pain that He bore,

The burden of all our sin,

All I can do is pray to the Lord

That He would take me in.

Though I can’t find a reason He’d invite me back

To his perfect heaven above,

For though my soul has been scarred by the black,

He chooses to cleanse me in love.

All I know is that He’s my Creator,

He knitted my very core,

All I know is that He’s my Savior,

This I know for evermore.

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