Hearts Aglow

Over our city falls the fog,

            clouding its wintry lights,

shrouding our spirited homes

            with the blanket of the night.

Over our city fog descends,

            imposing a cumbersome pall,

closing our eyes so early

            that our spirits, too, might fall.

Over our hearts the clouds depress,

            trying to crush our zeal,

eyeing to snuff the torches

            that deep inside we feel.

Over our hearts remain the clouds,

            making their final play,

taking their precious time

            to prod us with dismay.

But over the clouds our lanterns shine,

            boasting our vigorous fire,

toasting to one another

            a cheer that lifts us higher.

Over the clouds our lanterns beam,

            sharing their glorious hue,

wearing with mirth and gladness

               a flame that kindles true.

Over the fog our hearts blaze on,

            casting aside the haze,

lasting long into the night

            as far as the eye will gaze.

Over the fog our hearts will glow,

            beaming throughout the town,

gleaming the light of the world

            until heaven itself comes down.

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