Lost: A Story

This is story about no one in particular. It’s also about many people that I know…

There once was a girl that stole the spotlight. She had the whole world at her fingertips. She was wide-eyed and blonde with a curious mind that soaked up information like a sponge. She was quick-witted and wasn’t easily outdone in anything she put her hand to. It didn’t matter whether she’d done it before, or seen it before, or heard of it before; it all came naturally. No mountain was too high. No river was too deep.

On top of all that, she had a family that loved her dearly. Her mother cherished her greatly, and her father adored everything about her. Her siblings cared for her, and her friends looked out for her. Her cup was flowing over, or at least it seemed to be.

But she cracked. Whether overwhelmed, constricted, or afraid, she broke. She ran away from everyone that loved her, fleeing from every hand that had ever helped her up, from every shoulder that she’d ever cried on. She bolted.

Maybe it was too much to live up to. Maybe it was all an act, and she’d never bought into it for herself. Maybe she felt the need to escape. It’s possible.

Perhaps she felt claustrophobic. Perhaps she felt the walls were closing in, and she had to find a way out. Perhaps her life had been forced on her. It’s possible.

Or could it be that she was just scared. She had fears about the things that she couldn’t comprehend. She had doubts about everything she’d ever believed. She was terrified to face the truth.

So she ran.

I wish I could turn this story around, like happened with the Prodigal Son, but I didn’t make this story up. The only hope is that the end of it hasn’t been written yet. Prayers are still being made, they’re certainly being heard, and hopefully they’ll be answered.

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