Redemptive Love

When the nights grow longer and clouds enclose,

            when there is no sunshine,

            when there is no rose,

When there is no substance to sooth your mind,

            when there is no cadence,

            when there is no rhyme,

Count the stones over which you stammer,

            feel them echo,

            remember their clamor,

For each of those rocks over which you now go

            will remind you of freedom,

            will help you to know,

That there once was a time when you were still weary,

            when you could not stand,

            when all became dreary,

Because then you’ll appreciate all you’ve been given,

            like the gift of new life,

            all those sins forgiven,

Each one counted on the back of your Savior,

            lash after lash,

            and he never wavered,

Despite the fact that he was wrongly accused,

            wrongly ripped open,

            wrongly bruised,

All for the sake of saving your soul,

            that you would live on,

            that you would be whole,

Not just on earth but in heaven above,

            washed in mercy,

            immersed in love,

Love so pure that it can’t be defined,

            but that what is God’s

            is now yours and mine,

Like eternal life and a crown of glory,

            a perfect hope,

            a victory story,

Of the Son of God who conquered the fall,

            who saved His people,

            who saved us all,

Because he cared just enough to come down to earth,

            to submit to flesh,

            to dwell in the dirt,

And to walk among us while sharing his heart,

            to bridge the chasm

            that ripped us apart,

But sin is no more and it never will reign

            for God is King,

            Jesus Christ is His name,

And His Holy Spirit has been placed inside,

            to yearn for each one,

            to lead and to guide,

Because we are weak when we walk alone,

            but not with the Spirit,

            and not by the throne,

For God is sovereign and we are His love,

            redeemed by Jesus,

            bought by His blood,

So we can hold high when our days seem long,

            when we feel no warmth,

            when we feel no song,

Because we have a hope, a promise to be,

            a promise of love,

            to be set free,

So lift up your head and cast your gaze high,

            up to the heavens,

            up to the sky,

Where God sits above on His righteous throne,

            calling our name,

            calling us home.

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