The Echo of Beauty

Mountains that tower so high,

            valleys that bellow so low,

rain that falls so sweet,

            and streams that trickle and flow.

Blues that burst and swoon,

            greens that flower and glow,

purples that comfort and sooth,

            and pinks that blossom and show.


Take this marvelous beauty,

            written across the sky;

take this breath-taking beauty,

            and repeat it deep inside.

Mountains and valleys majestic,

            watering streams beside,

blues and greens that blossom,

            purples and pinks that collide.


Since day one was spoken,

            and penned across the scroll,

beauty has sung from the hillsides,

            creation’s bells have tolled.

Though the sin of man is staining,

            by the beauty of Christ we’re whole;

so it resounds in creation,

            so it echoes in the soul.

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