Lost: A Story

This is story about no one in particular. It’s also about many people that I know…

There once was a girl that stole the spotlight. She had the whole world at her fingertips. She was wide-eyed and blonde with a curious mind that soaked up information like a sponge. She was quick-witted and wasn’t easily outdone in anything she put her hand to. It didn’t matter whether she’d done it before, or seen it before, or heard of it before; it all came naturally. No mountain was too high. No river was too deep.

On top of all that, she had a family that loved her dearly. Her mother cherished her greatly, and her father adored everything about her. Her siblings cared for her, and her friends looked out for her. Her cup was flowing over, or at least it seemed to be.

But she cracked. Whether overwhelmed, constricted, or afraid, she broke. She ran away from everyone that loved her, fleeing from every hand that had ever helped her up, from every shoulder that she’d ever cried on. She bolted.

Maybe it was too much to live up to. Maybe it was all an act, and she’d never bought into it for herself. Maybe she felt the need to escape. It’s possible.

Perhaps she felt claustrophobic. Perhaps she felt the walls were closing in, and she had to find a way out. Perhaps her life had been forced on her. It’s possible.

Or could it be that she was just scared. She had fears about the things that she couldn’t comprehend. She had doubts about everything she’d ever believed. She was terrified to face the truth.

So she ran.

I wish I could turn this story around, like happened with the Prodigal Son, but I didn’t make this story up. The only hope is that the end of it hasn’t been written yet. Prayers are still being made, they’re certainly being heard, and hopefully they’ll be answered.

Keep in Step with the Spirit

We’re marching here in the infantry

The nights have grown long and cold

Demons are lurking in the gallery

And the devil overwhelms my soul

We’re surrounded on all sides by our enemies

They rattle us all the day long

But we will not yield to their trickeries

No, we will sing our song!

Keep in step with the Spirit

Fall in line with the Lord

Keep in step with the Spirit

Stomp those feet on the floor!

Each new day there’s a storm to face

With each new morn there’s a war

But we are covered by Jesus’ grace

And we march by love, not by sword

We keep pressing on ‘til the day is done

And even in the nights we stay strong

We know with Jesus the battle is won

And so we sing our victory song!

Keep in step with the Spirit

Fall in line with the Lord

Keep in step with the Spirit

March like never before!

We trust the men to our left and our right

Our brothers and sisters in the Lord

We all belong to the soldiers of the light

And we’ll march until this light’s restored!

Keep in step with the Spirit

Fall in line with the Lord

Keep in step with the Spirit

Press on to His golden shore

Jesus Christ is our faithful King

And he’s given us a place to belong

His Spirit is given so that we can sing

And sing and sing this song!

Keep in step with the Spirit

Fall in line with the Lord

Keep in step with the Spirit

Keep in step for evermore!


As the moon smiles over the slumbering earth,

As orchids nestle in the warmth of the sand,

As a mother smiles at the miracle of birth,

So I take comfort in your hand.

As resilient stars shine in the blackest night,

As blossoming lilies unfold their grace,

As jubilant young rejoice at first flight,

So I marvel at your elegant face.

As morning sunlight crests the mountain spring,

As ravishing roses outshine the tides,

As glistening doves unfurl their wings,

So I delight in your breathtaking eyes.

As sparrows admire daisies from high skies above,

So I adore you, my love.

Sweet Fulfillment

With every breath we go wandering

            in search of some ultimate treasure,

perhaps to be heard, or to feel safe,

            or else to experience pleasure;

though each of these is but an ember

            in a greater desire, a burning,

to quench some thirst, to fill some void,

            to satisfy the soul’s true yearning;

but there is no feeling or coin or place

            to replenish this gaping hole;

there is only the grace of God

            that fulfills the longing of our soul.

Keep Calling

Lord our God, Creator

Lord our God and King

You are indescribable

You are everything

Holy Spirit, Leader

Holy Spirit, Guide

You are crying for our souls

Come to us, collide

Jesus Christ, Redeemer

Jesus Christ our Groom

We are running to you

We will be there soon

Lord our God, keep loving

Holy Spirit, cry

Jesus Christ, keep calling

Call us from on high

Lord our God and Father

Holy Spirit, flame

Jesus Christ our Savior

Three in one you reign

Lord our God, keep loving

Holy Spirit, cry

Jesus Christ, keep calling

Call us from on high

Lord our God, keep loving

Holy Spirit, cry

Jesus Christ, keep calling

Call us from on high

Redemptive Love

When the nights grow longer and clouds enclose,

            when there is no sunshine,

            when there is no rose,

When there is no substance to sooth your mind,

            when there is no cadence,

            when there is no rhyme,

Count the stones over which you stammer,

            feel them echo,

            remember their clamor,

For each of those rocks over which you now go

            will remind you of freedom,

            will help you to know,

That there once was a time when you were still weary,

            when you could not stand,

            when all became dreary,

Because then you’ll appreciate all you’ve been given,

            like the gift of new life,

            all those sins forgiven,

Each one counted on the back of your Savior,

            lash after lash,

            and he never wavered,

Despite the fact that he was wrongly accused,

            wrongly ripped open,

            wrongly bruised,

All for the sake of saving your soul,

            that you would live on,

            that you would be whole,

Not just on earth but in heaven above,

            washed in mercy,

            immersed in love,

Love so pure that it can’t be defined,

            but that what is God’s

            is now yours and mine,

Like eternal life and a crown of glory,

            a perfect hope,

            a victory story,

Of the Son of God who conquered the fall,

            who saved His people,

            who saved us all,

Because he cared just enough to come down to earth,

            to submit to flesh,

            to dwell in the dirt,

And to walk among us while sharing his heart,

            to bridge the chasm

            that ripped us apart,

But sin is no more and it never will reign

            for God is King,

            Jesus Christ is His name,

And His Holy Spirit has been placed inside,

            to yearn for each one,

            to lead and to guide,

Because we are weak when we walk alone,

            but not with the Spirit,

            and not by the throne,

For God is sovereign and we are His love,

            redeemed by Jesus,

            bought by His blood,

So we can hold high when our days seem long,

            when we feel no warmth,

            when we feel no song,

Because we have a hope, a promise to be,

            a promise of love,

            to be set free,

So lift up your head and cast your gaze high,

            up to the heavens,

            up to the sky,

Where God sits above on His righteous throne,

            calling our name,

            calling us home.

Drops of Splendor

Beads slip from one leaf to the next,

going unnoticed by the veins.

They slide along like slippery orbs,

falling back in with the rain.

The grip of the leaves goes untried,

the droplets finding no hold,

so they glide again, as always before,

with their stories going untold.

They roll along from leaf to leaf,

seeking to share their song,

but they never seem to get caught,

they never seem to belong.

These droplets bounce from cup to cup,

but they never settle within.

Instead they escape, though not by choice,

slipping beyond the brim.

Their worth is never valued,

their beauty is never seen,

their glow is never captured,

as they slip and slide in between.

What leaf will capture such glory?

What eye will observe such grace?

What vessel will savor such splendor?

O to be found in that place!