Railcars and Bottlecaps

I once read on the underside of a bottlecap to carry on.

And here I am, standing still, on a moving train.

I couldn’t find it within me to let go of all my troubles,

So instead I let a railcar do it for me.


The wind rushes alongside the car and through my hair.

My veins pulse as the beast rattles, back and forth, back and forth.

I haven’t taken a step from where I stand,

And yet all my worries are miles behind me.


I don’t know where it comes from, but I hear a banjo playing.

It falls in line with the chug of the engine, and it’s refreshing.

Actually, it’s liberating,

And my heartstrings play along with the ever-quickening melody.


Tomorrow bares down on me, like the storm clouds that brew overhead.

But I am not frightened by the morrow, or by the rain that falls.

I stand, stouthearted, open-souled, and fearless,

Equipped with both grit and belief by the steel that churns beneath my feet.

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