Psalm Project: Five

As the day goes, we’re nearsighted,

            and in the night we see no further.

We’re unsure of the things to come,

            unaware of what lies in wait.

We know not what the future holds,

            only what sits at our feet.

But the Lord our God is omniscient,

            and he knows of the things to come.

His wisdom and power are limitless,

            and time, for him, is no boundary.

He rules, unconfined by time,

            sovereign over all our days.

No day to him is unknown,

            and no hour will come in surprise.

He has seen what will come of us,

            he knows what the days will bring.

He sees our innermost thoughts,

            and knows the longings of our hearts.

No more will I worry or fear,

            no longer will I dread or doubt.

For I know my God is there,

            and my hope in him is steadfast.

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