Psalm Project: Three

If only I could see as you see,

            o Lord;

if only my eyes would lock

            where yours fall.

My eyes are distracted by beauty,

            by all that’s fleeting and fading;

I’m drawn to outward appearance,

            weak at focusing on the deep.

You value truth and integrity,

            humility, grace, and love;

you care not for outer facades,

            but for hearts that are pure and true.

You look beyond the face

            and past all the riches and status;

your eyes search much deeper within,

            they settle on hearts and souls.

I’m captured by the allure of nymphs,

            drawn in by the siren’s song;

if only I were blind to beauty

            and could align my eyes with yours.

Help my eyes to refocus

            on character, grace, and love;

I quiet my heart before you,

            seeking your knowledge and truth.

I long for your certainty and vision,

            I worship your wisdom and grace;

Lord, grant me vision and wisdom,

            help me see the way that you see.

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