Psalm Project: Two

Your fields provide me with comfort,

            your pastures give me rest;

your moon and stars accompany me,

            your clouds fill me with peace.

When storms rage and the sky blusters,

            your Spirit calms my heart;

the waves of the ocean won’t startle me,

            for your Spirit anchors my soul.

No monster can crush my resolve,

            no beast can conquer my might;

for though I am weak, you strengthen me,

            you steady my feet on the path.

I will endure through the trials,

            keeping straight through the chaos;

undeterred by the darkness,

            I will not lose sight of your light.

You are always there in crisis,

            you do not forsake or abandon;

and whenever I fail to see you,

            I know that we walk in stride.

My hand is steadied by yours,

            my gait unwavering alongside you;

my heart is unharmed at your side,

            my soul safe in your hands of love.

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