Psalm Project: One

Rejoice, o my soul,

            from the depths of the valley;

from the peaks of the mountains,


In the driest heat of the desert,

            in the thunder and in the rain,

in the bitter cold of winter,

            sing your songs of praise.

Cry from deep within,

            when despair is all you know;

sing from the brim of your cup,

            when joy and gladness flow.

In anger, find the music,

            in grief, mourn through song;

in sorrow, sing your sadness,

            in gratitude, trumpet strong.

Whether frightened or sure, sing out,

            bellow out your praise;

whether surrounded or lonely, rejoice,

            make music all of your days.

Make music from your soul

            and share it with the world;

compose within your heart

            and conduct it to the Lord.

Let the bluebird join in singing,

            share with the trees your song;

they will join you in rejoicing,

            rejoicing all the day long.

Sing from the top of the mountains,

            sing at the top of your lungs,

sing from the depths of your heart,

            that the world would know your song.

Rejoice in the solitude of dawn,

            sing out in the heat of noon,

praise in the beauty of sunset,

            and still beneath the moon.

Rejoice, o my soul,

            in the Lord;

rejoice, o my soul,


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